Friday, November 25, 2005

The Agony of the last weeks of the semester....

Well my life has totally been consumed by work it seems for now at least. I feel as though I work all the time...I have not had a day off since I went to Chapel Hill. I even had to work on Thanksgiving. All I can say is that I cannot wait to reap the benefits of my college degree that will come around in the next 5-6 years. Its a long wait but I can make it--I just have to keep my eyes on the prize. I sound like an inspirational sports film. I have registered for classes and have decided to CLEP Engl 1102 and Spanish 1 and probably Principles of Microeconomics in an effort to save some time and money.

I made a trip to the yarn store--the unusual cold weather down here has had me craving another sweater. I picked a rather plain pattern the button down cardigan from VK Fall '05. It is a lovely shade of blue not quite robins egg but not pastel in wool of course. I also picked up an extra set of dpns for some socks. I am attempting a pair of ankle socks just by modifying a basic sock pattern. I picked up some Cascade for a couple more felted clutches to make in the down time. I have also made a couple of flap top mittens from the Handknit Holidays. I have 2 right ones because I forgot to change the flap so Hill has a pair to give to a pal for Christmas--one she doesn't mind matching since its the same colorway. I love that book I will be making projects from it all year round. I have also been tying in loose ends for some projects that have been put aside since I hate finishing projects. I finished a pair of socks for Hill, her duck, 3 Pasha penguins, a pair of cable mittens for myself, and this ugly yarn scarf I donated to Hills presents for friends. I'll post pics as soon as I can locate the digi.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

UNC Pics

Dad, me & Hill waiting to enter Dean Smith Center--I suck at taking pics of myself with people I guess deep down I'm a narcissist.

Hill and I in Dean Smith Center about an hour and a half before the game--This pic was taken from our seats...Lower level mid court 7th row baby!!!!

Hill and me like 2 hours before the game

And of course we had to go to Duke to check things out and buy some stuff for Lawrence for Christmas

This is a random statue we saw...Hill wanted to get a pic on top of it but it was visitors weekend and there was a group coming so I ran off

The boys were practicing so we couldn't go inside Coach K court
Another pic at Duke--as you can see it wasn't that cold out like 65 degrees but I had on my Carolina shirt so I felt the need to keep the North Face on and sweat it out---literally

I made a set of flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays but I think that my color selection on this pair was horrendous so I frogged it and will start a new pair tonight. I will be using smaller needles throughout to try and minimize the large stitches when starting the flap.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First Sweater!!

Well here it is...I can't wait to wear it. Hopefully it will be cool enough in Chapel Hill to wear it this weekend.

As of now I have finished another clutch to be felted and motifed. Tomorrow I will start a hat and cosmetic bag from Holiday Knits.

Hopefully by this weekend I will have at least started the flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays and bought the yarn for the aran stockings.

I probably won't post again til next week I have an abundance of school work that is due soon and need to get on the ball with that. Also I will be out of town this weekend to see the new Tarheel basketball team up close and in action. We are also hoping that we can meet Dean Smith and Roy Williams. One can only hope I guess...

I need to start working out again. I have started a pilates video but I realize that I am desperately out of shape and the pattern I have started of eating out all the time is going to start catching up to me quickly.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well here are some pictures of ongoing and a few finished things...

Hill's socks--they are a little messed up and they look weird when they are not on feet. I had to play around with the gauge and change it and it didn't turn out like I wanted to but who looks at sock in the drawer anyways..

A piece of my sweater

All the pieces are done...the sleeves still need blocking--I'm doing that later

This is the latest of my favorite pieces that I made, a circular scarf, wool, of course, in a to-die-for green based on the circular scarf by Suzanne Juul. My scarf was a hell of a lot cheaper to make than the 'designer' pricetag of $160. Beat that Olson twins...

Other than that...still knitting the socks for Hill and I started the duck today.
I am out of money pretty much but I will be getting about $40 for workin a couple of hours on Saturday since I have to buy tires this weekend and Laura and I bought bras and panties yesterday.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New blog

Well new digs I suppose...right now a couple of projects...
  • wool socks for Hill--one's already completed
  • pink felted clutch for myself with a fleur-de-lis motif
  • a duck for Hill's pal out of Knitted Toys
  • my sweater--its all knitted, I just don't know how to sew it all up yet...I'm going to get some help on that tomorrow.