Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well here are some pictures of ongoing and a few finished things...

Hill's socks--they are a little messed up and they look weird when they are not on feet. I had to play around with the gauge and change it and it didn't turn out like I wanted to but who looks at sock in the drawer anyways..

A piece of my sweater

All the pieces are done...the sleeves still need blocking--I'm doing that later

This is the latest of my favorite pieces that I made, a circular scarf, wool, of course, in a to-die-for green based on the circular scarf by Suzanne Juul. My scarf was a hell of a lot cheaper to make than the 'designer' pricetag of $160. Beat that Olson twins...

Other than that...still knitting the socks for Hill and I started the duck today.
I am out of money pretty much but I will be getting about $40 for workin a couple of hours on Saturday since I have to buy tires this weekend and Laura and I bought bras and panties yesterday.


Blogger cmeknit said...

You've got some great knits going! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be watching for your knits out of the holidayknits book!

10:53 AM  

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