Wednesday, November 16, 2005

UNC Pics

Dad, me & Hill waiting to enter Dean Smith Center--I suck at taking pics of myself with people I guess deep down I'm a narcissist.

Hill and I in Dean Smith Center about an hour and a half before the game--This pic was taken from our seats...Lower level mid court 7th row baby!!!!

Hill and me like 2 hours before the game

And of course we had to go to Duke to check things out and buy some stuff for Lawrence for Christmas

This is a random statue we saw...Hill wanted to get a pic on top of it but it was visitors weekend and there was a group coming so I ran off

The boys were practicing so we couldn't go inside Coach K court
Another pic at Duke--as you can see it wasn't that cold out like 65 degrees but I had on my Carolina shirt so I felt the need to keep the North Face on and sweat it out---literally

I made a set of flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays but I think that my color selection on this pair was horrendous so I frogged it and will start a new pair tonight. I will be using smaller needles throughout to try and minimize the large stitches when starting the flap.


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