Monday, December 26, 2005


Christmas was great... I got most of the things I wanted and Dawn's was boring as usual....

I've been doing some stash busting I made some flowers and a new pair of mittens for Hill from a sweater I ripped apart. I'll finish those at work tomorrow. Hopefully I can whittle down my stash so I can buy a whole lotta Lorna Laces sock yarn:)

I am STILL working on my button up raglan but I am close to finishing. I just have to make button holes and pick up stitches for the collar then block it out again. Its in a big pile and extremely hard to photograph in the state it is in.

I'm really excited because I got the Denise needle set I have been wanting so I really only need to buy dpns now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Blues

Well this week is almost here. My grandpa went into the hospital this weekend and I didn't really do much in lieu of this. My dad informed us that our New Year party will be nonexistent since my cousin is having one since she will be moving January 15. Why can't she have a party that week?

My dad still has yet to start Christmas shopping which has me stressed out big time. I want a Denise needle set and they don't sell them in Savannah and I would also like some Vineyard Vine polos which are normal sized polos and will not shrink like Lacostes. Even Polo's polos are shrunken...Not every girl in America wants to expose the stomach every time she moves--that trend is over!

I did however complete the other sleeve to my raglan sweater and will hopefully be sewing that
tonight. Then I will have to pick up stitches everywhere to complete the collar and button placket. Right now I am furiously knitting up my stash into cute little flowers that I will convert into brooches and sell somewhere.

I also need to learn how to sew zippers. I guess I will have to run out to a fabric store for that after the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Finally some updates!!!

Well I found the digi and took pics on all the things I have been working on in the last week. I still am sewing my sweater together and have gotten as far as one sleeve attached to one side. Well I can do more at work tomorrow. I am also knitting another clutch for Hills pal but she picked out some horrid colors. Think medium pink and mac and cheese orange stripes with pale yellow i-cord flower.. I hope it looks better than it does in progress. More stuff in the next few days I am pooped....

Green Cascade 220 clutch pre-felting with shamrock motif
Red Cascade clutch pre-felting with star motif
Cabled mittens in a unidentifiable wool blend--They look like the mittens and gloves found in all GAP stores without such a large rib.
Flap top mitten in progress 5 dpns and a cable needle holding the flap stitches. My dad thinks I'm crazy.
Pasha penguin from Knitty with no eyes yet or wings
Felted clutch backside
Navy and green clutch with button---Lambs Pride wool mohair blend--with one button and side i-cord piping from Knitting over the Edge clutch pattern from Felted Knits
One ankle sock for Hill in Knitaly wool--the other is still in progress also to finish on Thursday
Flap top mitten for myself--Man sized in Nature's Wool left over from my sweater
Handknit Holidays US4 one is still in progress will finish by Thursday

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too much to do...not enough time....

Well I have numerous projects in the works...
-blue wool raglan sweater for me
I have the front, back and one sleeve done. Not a seam yet hopefully by the weekend. I'm going hunting for buttons on Thursday.
-flap-top mittens for Kathryn's sis
I actually haven't started these yet but will tomorrow. They will be a lovely pale green wool.
-felted clutch for Hill's pal. Lamb's Pride Worsted navy and lime. This is halfway done and I will felt tomorrow when I wash my clothes.
-pink and orange felted clutch for another of Hill's pals. I haven't even bought the yarn for this one yet!! But hopefully by Friday.
-ankle socks in teal wool. Yes wool again. Anything different, maybe a splurge for some cashmere one day. Well I still have to finish one, but I'm almost to the toe.
- major stashbusting is in need. Especially since the new Knitty is out. I'm planning on making the Creatures (oh so cute!) but just stuffing them with fluff and giving them out. They remind me of the Monsters Inc characters or something.

I bought the Vogue Knitting today since I have fallen in love with the bobbled sweater with ribbon detail. I've seen a copy and oogled it for long enough. Its my next sweater project. I also saw the tunic in a shortened version to create a poncho and I might say that I might actually wear it even though it is a trendy item. I also want to knit a Clapotis and so many more things including a cabled scarf. I'll post some pics as soon as things are completed.

Friday, December 02, 2005

One more picture

Well I got some knitting done at work last night since we were really slow and I only sold one thing... This sweater has knit up fairly quickly. I finished the right side this morning watching some tv. Here are the front pieces blocking. I am working on an ankle sock still and if this works out I am going to knit like 10 of these since they are so quick to knit. I still have to find some buttons for my sweater I'm going to look on Saturday before I got to the movies with Lawrence

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Long Awaited Pictures

Well its been a hell of a week.. Its getting dangerous just to step out of your house in the SAV--all these burglaries and shootings. Diane's thinking about closing at nights just so we are safer but I do have to work tonight so I guess she has decided against it.

I have finished one exam and have 3 to go. The easiest will be Psyc because thats all memorization. And Engl will be easy. I'm just worried about Precal as long as I make an 80 I'll be happy.

I have been working on my new sweater (#2) its raglan with buttons well we shall see. I have finished the back and it has been blocked and I have finish the left side which will be blocked in about an hour. I have one more flap top mitten to complete for the set since I had to make 4 instead of 2. I started a pair of ankle socks with some left over wool but have only done the ribbing since I had to study last night. I'm also doing some duplicate stitch on a red clutch that will most likely be a fleur-de-lis just because I love it. I'm going to felt it down to the size of a sunglass case I think that I will be able to sell more of those that way.

Flap top mitten for Hill --Knitaly wool

clutch to felt Cascade 220

This is the sweater shot.

I'd like to finish the right side of the sweater and the socks and the one flap top mitten before the weekend is over. I also want to make some more cabled mittens and ankle socks if I like this pair if not I'll give them to Hill.

For my next project I want to make the intarsia pillows out of Handknit Holidays for the house. I absolutely love these. I also want to make a Clapotis and some Jaywalker socks and maybe a v-neck sweater. I am trying to find which type of sweater construction I like best.

I am also really excited because I have gotten all of my Christmas shopping done. I bought Hill this cool glass bracelet and Dad a crystal scentier with a cranberry spice scent. I also have bought Dad a book for his birthday and Hill a pair of boots that she had liked.