Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Finally some updates!!!

Well I found the digi and took pics on all the things I have been working on in the last week. I still am sewing my sweater together and have gotten as far as one sleeve attached to one side. Well I can do more at work tomorrow. I am also knitting another clutch for Hills pal but she picked out some horrid colors. Think medium pink and mac and cheese orange stripes with pale yellow i-cord flower.. I hope it looks better than it does in progress. More stuff in the next few days I am pooped....

Green Cascade 220 clutch pre-felting with shamrock motif
Red Cascade clutch pre-felting with star motif
Cabled mittens in a unidentifiable wool blend--They look like the mittens and gloves found in all GAP stores without such a large rib.
Flap top mitten in progress 5 dpns and a cable needle holding the flap stitches. My dad thinks I'm crazy.
Pasha penguin from Knitty with no eyes yet or wings
Felted clutch backside
Navy and green clutch with button---Lambs Pride wool mohair blend--with one button and side i-cord piping from Knitting over the Edge clutch pattern from Felted Knits
One ankle sock for Hill in Knitaly wool--the other is still in progress also to finish on Thursday
Flap top mitten for myself--Man sized in Nature's Wool left over from my sweater
Handknit Holidays US4 one is still in progress will finish by Thursday


Anonymous James said...

Wow, you've been busy making all kinds of fun stuff. The little penquine is cute and the clutches too. I still can't bring myself to make a sweater. LOL. I am trying out a shawl though. Happy Holidays! : )

12:29 AM  

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