Thursday, December 01, 2005

Long Awaited Pictures

Well its been a hell of a week.. Its getting dangerous just to step out of your house in the SAV--all these burglaries and shootings. Diane's thinking about closing at nights just so we are safer but I do have to work tonight so I guess she has decided against it.

I have finished one exam and have 3 to go. The easiest will be Psyc because thats all memorization. And Engl will be easy. I'm just worried about Precal as long as I make an 80 I'll be happy.

I have been working on my new sweater (#2) its raglan with buttons well we shall see. I have finished the back and it has been blocked and I have finish the left side which will be blocked in about an hour. I have one more flap top mitten to complete for the set since I had to make 4 instead of 2. I started a pair of ankle socks with some left over wool but have only done the ribbing since I had to study last night. I'm also doing some duplicate stitch on a red clutch that will most likely be a fleur-de-lis just because I love it. I'm going to felt it down to the size of a sunglass case I think that I will be able to sell more of those that way.

Flap top mitten for Hill --Knitaly wool

clutch to felt Cascade 220

This is the sweater shot.

I'd like to finish the right side of the sweater and the socks and the one flap top mitten before the weekend is over. I also want to make some more cabled mittens and ankle socks if I like this pair if not I'll give them to Hill.

For my next project I want to make the intarsia pillows out of Handknit Holidays for the house. I absolutely love these. I also want to make a Clapotis and some Jaywalker socks and maybe a v-neck sweater. I am trying to find which type of sweater construction I like best.

I am also really excited because I have gotten all of my Christmas shopping done. I bought Hill this cool glass bracelet and Dad a crystal scentier with a cranberry spice scent. I also have bought Dad a book for his birthday and Hill a pair of boots that she had liked.


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