Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too much to do...not enough time....

Well I have numerous projects in the works...
-blue wool raglan sweater for me
I have the front, back and one sleeve done. Not a seam yet hopefully by the weekend. I'm going hunting for buttons on Thursday.
-flap-top mittens for Kathryn's sis
I actually haven't started these yet but will tomorrow. They will be a lovely pale green wool.
-felted clutch for Hill's pal. Lamb's Pride Worsted navy and lime. This is halfway done and I will felt tomorrow when I wash my clothes.
-pink and orange felted clutch for another of Hill's pals. I haven't even bought the yarn for this one yet!! But hopefully by Friday.
-ankle socks in teal wool. Yes wool again. Anything different, maybe a splurge for some cashmere one day. Well I still have to finish one, but I'm almost to the toe.
- major stashbusting is in need. Especially since the new Knitty is out. I'm planning on making the Creatures (oh so cute!) but just stuffing them with fluff and giving them out. They remind me of the Monsters Inc characters or something.

I bought the Vogue Knitting today since I have fallen in love with the bobbled sweater with ribbon detail. I've seen a copy and oogled it for long enough. Its my next sweater project. I also saw the tunic in a shortened version to create a poncho and I might say that I might actually wear it even though it is a trendy item. I also want to knit a Clapotis and so many more things including a cabled scarf. I'll post some pics as soon as things are completed.


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