Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Blues

Well this week is almost here. My grandpa went into the hospital this weekend and I didn't really do much in lieu of this. My dad informed us that our New Year party will be nonexistent since my cousin is having one since she will be moving January 15. Why can't she have a party that week?

My dad still has yet to start Christmas shopping which has me stressed out big time. I want a Denise needle set and they don't sell them in Savannah and I would also like some Vineyard Vine polos which are normal sized polos and will not shrink like Lacostes. Even Polo's polos are shrunken...Not every girl in America wants to expose the stomach every time she moves--that trend is over!

I did however complete the other sleeve to my raglan sweater and will hopefully be sewing that
tonight. Then I will have to pick up stitches everywhere to complete the collar and button placket. Right now I am furiously knitting up my stash into cute little flowers that I will convert into brooches and sell somewhere.

I also need to learn how to sew zippers. I guess I will have to run out to a fabric store for that after the holidays.

Merry Christmas!


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