Monday, January 30, 2006

This is from a sweater that Laura gave me. Its awonderful varying pink and a cotton/wool/nylon/angora blend. So soft and destined to become flap top mittens.

A present for Hill. Its just a felted clutch but she had said a while ago that she wanted one in these colors. The motif turned out rather nicely and I think that I will make one for myself. I used stash of Lamb's Pride Bulky. I do think that I am going to felt it again so its a little bit sturdier but the stiching is not completely lost. I don't like felts like that.

rom Handknit Holidays. I did a different cuff puff stitch I think with a rolled edge from Knitting over the Edge. I also did a rolled edge for the flap. These mittens are a quick knit like socks and use up my stash yarn. This yarn is leftover Knitaly wool. The left one is almost complete I just have to finish tucking in all the pieces of yarn.

Well for this week I am finishing my Jaywalkers. I am done one sock and to the heel of the other. I feel that I have been neglecting it. I also joined Sockapaloooza and will buy yarn this week when I get the specifications for that. I am planning on making some flowers, ankle socks for Hill, and 2 flap top mittens for the next string of projects I also have a huge ball of yarn that I don't like that I dont know what to do with. I have already used the yarn for a garter st scarf that I gave away. So hopefully I can find something useful for it. I can probably make 3 scarves out of it. The ball is about the size of a medicine ball of worsted weight.

I'm excited because this week Hill turns 16. Shes been upset because we haven't gone looking for a car yet and there hasn't been any talk about one. We do have one. Well she will be really excited. I am going to buy her a pair of earrings and I have a shirt for her in addition to the socks and clutch.

Its been extremely warm and right now its overcast and rainy. I can't wait til St Patricks Day. It the next major holiday especially in Savannah. I don't care too much for Valentines Day but I better be getting a heart shaped doughnut from Krispy Kreme. I wonder if they'll have shamrocks for St Pattys and rabbits and chicks for Easter. That would be awesome.

I need to find some health insurance and have been scouring. I think I'm going with Blue Cross. Dad and Hill have it and its a good program and I desperately need these moles to be removed because they are discolored and possibly cancerous.

Our neighbors across the street are spying on us. They are friends with my grandparents neighbors and they must be sitting in front of their windows watching us all the time. Don't they have something better to do with their lives than watch our house night and day?? I mean get a damn hobby!!.....Hopefully I'll have some pics to show on Wednesday of progress of the Jaywalkers. Maybe they'll be finished!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sock update

On my left leg we have the Jaywalker. On my right the wide wale rib. I have decided to keep the Jaywalker for myself because alas they probably will not fit Hill. So I will give the wide wale rib pair to her she really likes the stripes. I also like how tan my legs look especially in the middle of January!!

These socks I really like. I love cables. I do not however like the fact that I will have to block these socks. This pattern will be used again definitely.

Here's the start of another pair of flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays. I am doing a different cuff--a more decorative cuff. Like most things its wool--Knitaly to be exact. Hopefully I can finish them before Tuesday, maybe even Monday since they are a pretty quick knit.

As you can tell my posts are askew probably since I really don't know how to operate computer editing very well. Maybe one day I'll improve.

I am excited to see the Interweave preview has many cabled patterns. I will hopefully be making the cabled sweater from Vogue Fall 2005 the one with the ribbon and super chunky yarn--just as soon as I locate my copy. If not I found a cabled grandpa sweater in a pattern book I picked up the other day complete with pockets on the front.

My sis left today for the weekend to spend with her church group in Orlando. I don't know what to do with myself. At least I won't be her taxi this weekend. She gets her liscense in 3 weeks or so. I literally cannot wait.

I'll post the weekend knitting on Tuesday since I will be watching Luke play Armstrong on Monday and Hill has the camera.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm sick so I'll post when I can actually breathe and not be woozy when I leave my bed...
I have finished the Log Cabin Socks and almost finished one Jaywalker

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Heres Hill's Jaywalkers in progress I started them last night. It might take me more than a week to complete these since I don't want her to know about them since they are one of her birthday presents. The yarn will hold up for the times that Hill wears them and she'll love the colors. I can't wait til I finish them because the yarn is a nylon/acrylic blend and I am a yarn snob. I guess what matters is that she will love them.

Heres the start of the start of my Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I can't get enough of this book. It is by far my favorite book. I love the cables and the fact that its worsted.

I am also making Hill a clutch for her birthday its aqua with lime and navy accents, Lambs Pride Worsted. I need to start the flap-top mittens for Moms birthday on the 20th, my other wide wale rib sock, another pair of ankle socks for Hill from the sweater I frogged and flap-top mittens from that same sweater.

I went downtown yeaterday afternoon and even in daylight I am terrified to walk around. Many things have been happening around Savannah lately. Many people are getting shot, mugged, and attacked especially in downtown areas. I think all of these people have been white, and being attacked by blacks. City officials held a forum over the radio to try and discuss what can be done to make the streets safer. The mayor and interim police chief walked into the room and walked out refusing to be apart of the forum. Both of them are black and the other officials were white. The mayor stated that he thought it was just going to be him and the police chief in the forum. Understandably he does not realize that he is uneducated and a forum is a meeting in an effort to exchange views. Views. Not views of 2 black men that haven't done a thing to try to get cops on the street and drug and gang influences off the street. He also thinks that its wrong for white people to gather after heinous crimes against us have been committed. White people don't gather when blacks are shot down here because its one more day that one of us isn't getting shot. Our tourism is going to be affected--I already was asked earlier this week when I worked about how safe Savannah really was even during the day time. I couldn't give the woman an answer. I am terrified to go downtown and be shot at stepping into a cab when leaving a bar. I think that Savannah needs a new mayor and police chief. If not it could lead to a race riot. I don't want Savannah on the news just like New Orleans with their highly intelligent mayor and governor.

Until then I am choosing to venture downtown only when needed to shop and my rare work schedule and will sit and knit, eat honey sticks and exercise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finally Pictures!!

Here's my first pair of Jaywalkers....

For starters I love the pattern and realize why everyone in blogland has been making them. Its a pattern that you can memorize and doesn't bore you. I finished my pair on Friday. Today I'm going back to the yarn store to pick out some yarn for a pair for Hill that I can give to her on her birthday and probably some for another pair for me also.

Last week I realized that I make numerous socks but only have one lonely pair made for me. So I have this sock finished as of last night. I also have a another pair, worsted weight, just started on the needles. Its the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I love that book--- so many fantastic patterns.

Bear with me on updates we are remodeling alot of the house and I have to set up the computer in a different spot almost everyday.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A new year

A new year has started. This year I hope that I can remain focused with school, exercise more and manage my money better. I also plan to blog more.

I completed my raglan sweater but I hated how it looked on me so I frogged it. It is soon to become ankle socks and mittens.

Right now I am working on my first pair of Jaywalkers. I now know why so many people are making these and can't stop. I love them. I have finished one and will finish the other one tomorrow. Then I have another pair of ribbed socks to get started on. I have only made myself one pair of socks and am in dire need for more because I refuse to buy them since I can make them. I'm going to make Hill a pair for her birthday. I am also going to make Mom a pair of flap top mittens for her birthday in 2 weeks in chocolate with a cream cuff. Nan also wants a pair but they will have to wait til I find another j-o-b.

I called work today to get my sced for the rest of the week since they had left me a message about it. To my dismay, Connie informed me that I was not going to be working for the next 2 weeks. I have to go in to personalize these Byers dolls for this lady. When I told her that I would be stopping by tomorrow to do it she told me that Karl would be working day and Deb at night. Deb's a nice lady but I have been working there since May and she started about a month or two ago. I just don't think that its fair that she gets shifts before me since we are closing early due to the lack of tourists. Tomorrow I am going to go in when Karl's working and turn in my key since I am not putting up with this bullshit any longer.

So with the start of a new year I will be starting a new job as soon as I find one. Pictures next post later in the weekend and a list of projects for must-knits this year.