Thursday, January 05, 2006

A new year

A new year has started. This year I hope that I can remain focused with school, exercise more and manage my money better. I also plan to blog more.

I completed my raglan sweater but I hated how it looked on me so I frogged it. It is soon to become ankle socks and mittens.

Right now I am working on my first pair of Jaywalkers. I now know why so many people are making these and can't stop. I love them. I have finished one and will finish the other one tomorrow. Then I have another pair of ribbed socks to get started on. I have only made myself one pair of socks and am in dire need for more because I refuse to buy them since I can make them. I'm going to make Hill a pair for her birthday. I am also going to make Mom a pair of flap top mittens for her birthday in 2 weeks in chocolate with a cream cuff. Nan also wants a pair but they will have to wait til I find another j-o-b.

I called work today to get my sced for the rest of the week since they had left me a message about it. To my dismay, Connie informed me that I was not going to be working for the next 2 weeks. I have to go in to personalize these Byers dolls for this lady. When I told her that I would be stopping by tomorrow to do it she told me that Karl would be working day and Deb at night. Deb's a nice lady but I have been working there since May and she started about a month or two ago. I just don't think that its fair that she gets shifts before me since we are closing early due to the lack of tourists. Tomorrow I am going to go in when Karl's working and turn in my key since I am not putting up with this bullshit any longer.

So with the start of a new year I will be starting a new job as soon as I find one. Pictures next post later in the weekend and a list of projects for must-knits this year.


Anonymous James said...

Sorry to hear about your job. That stinks when people do that at the work place and don't respect ya. That's what I call it's a time to move on moment. Good luck with it. Oh, those Denise needles rock, don't they. You can go online and order extra cords and needle parts. I ordered some of their 40" cables and a couple extra needles because I like to do the majic loop thingy. Plus a couple of extra shorter cords with those stopper things are great for storing things that you get tired of working on when you want to work on something else. Look forward to seeing pics of your projects. Happy New Year! : )

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