Friday, January 20, 2006

Sock update

On my left leg we have the Jaywalker. On my right the wide wale rib. I have decided to keep the Jaywalker for myself because alas they probably will not fit Hill. So I will give the wide wale rib pair to her she really likes the stripes. I also like how tan my legs look especially in the middle of January!!

These socks I really like. I love cables. I do not however like the fact that I will have to block these socks. This pattern will be used again definitely.

Here's the start of another pair of flap-top mittens from Handknit Holidays. I am doing a different cuff--a more decorative cuff. Like most things its wool--Knitaly to be exact. Hopefully I can finish them before Tuesday, maybe even Monday since they are a pretty quick knit.

As you can tell my posts are askew probably since I really don't know how to operate computer editing very well. Maybe one day I'll improve.

I am excited to see the Interweave preview has many cabled patterns. I will hopefully be making the cabled sweater from Vogue Fall 2005 the one with the ribbon and super chunky yarn--just as soon as I locate my copy. If not I found a cabled grandpa sweater in a pattern book I picked up the other day complete with pockets on the front.

My sis left today for the weekend to spend with her church group in Orlando. I don't know what to do with myself. At least I won't be her taxi this weekend. She gets her liscense in 3 weeks or so. I literally cannot wait.

I'll post the weekend knitting on Tuesday since I will be watching Luke play Armstrong on Monday and Hill has the camera.


Anonymous Carrie said...

I love those cabled socks! Beautiful.

2:43 PM  

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