Thursday, January 12, 2006


Heres Hill's Jaywalkers in progress I started them last night. It might take me more than a week to complete these since I don't want her to know about them since they are one of her birthday presents. The yarn will hold up for the times that Hill wears them and she'll love the colors. I can't wait til I finish them because the yarn is a nylon/acrylic blend and I am a yarn snob. I guess what matters is that she will love them.

Heres the start of the start of my Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I can't get enough of this book. It is by far my favorite book. I love the cables and the fact that its worsted.

I am also making Hill a clutch for her birthday its aqua with lime and navy accents, Lambs Pride Worsted. I need to start the flap-top mittens for Moms birthday on the 20th, my other wide wale rib sock, another pair of ankle socks for Hill from the sweater I frogged and flap-top mittens from that same sweater.

I went downtown yeaterday afternoon and even in daylight I am terrified to walk around. Many things have been happening around Savannah lately. Many people are getting shot, mugged, and attacked especially in downtown areas. I think all of these people have been white, and being attacked by blacks. City officials held a forum over the radio to try and discuss what can be done to make the streets safer. The mayor and interim police chief walked into the room and walked out refusing to be apart of the forum. Both of them are black and the other officials were white. The mayor stated that he thought it was just going to be him and the police chief in the forum. Understandably he does not realize that he is uneducated and a forum is a meeting in an effort to exchange views. Views. Not views of 2 black men that haven't done a thing to try to get cops on the street and drug and gang influences off the street. He also thinks that its wrong for white people to gather after heinous crimes against us have been committed. White people don't gather when blacks are shot down here because its one more day that one of us isn't getting shot. Our tourism is going to be affected--I already was asked earlier this week when I worked about how safe Savannah really was even during the day time. I couldn't give the woman an answer. I am terrified to go downtown and be shot at stepping into a cab when leaving a bar. I think that Savannah needs a new mayor and police chief. If not it could lead to a race riot. I don't want Savannah on the news just like New Orleans with their highly intelligent mayor and governor.

Until then I am choosing to venture downtown only when needed to shop and my rare work schedule and will sit and knit, eat honey sticks and exercise.


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