Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Baby Steps, Please...

I ventured to Wild Fibre yesterday. And surprisingly I was acknowledged. I had decided to make my Sockapaloooza pal socks made from Lorna Laces and I have picked out the following 2 colorways. The one on the left is Watercolor and Sand Ridge on the right. I am planning on makign Jaywalkers from them and have not yet decided on which colorway for my sock pal. I am leaning on the Sand Ridge and will probably go that way since I just made a blue pair of Jaywalkers for myself.

In other knitting news, I have made I estimate 20 -25 felted flowers to make into brooches. I think that I will put them in Dianes and see if they sell. I can only hope-- I know I can sell the green ones for St Pattys.

Yesterday Laura and I went downtown to lunch and looked in the new American Apparel store that just opened. I would just like to say that I love the store but I don't think that leggings are a good thing for men to wear. Every employee of the store was wearing leggings even the girl. I guess it was good that the guys looked anorexic so they could actually fit into leggings but it was a little weird. And one of them was telling me that ribbon belts tied as a tie would be a really attractive look. Nice gesture but I won't be caught dead in a tie. I'll stick to polos and tube dresses and tunic tanks.

I feel incredibly old today. My lil sister got her braces off today, six days after her birthday. I took some pics of her and this is how she reacted.

Her teeth are getting cleaned tomorrow Thank God! hahaha

In this one you can't even see her teeth. I really am beginning to think that she has a problem.

And lastly the small animal look. Maybe I should tell her that people are carrying small pets not looking like them. She looks like a rat.

Well these pics capture Hill's essence I guess.


Anonymous Ina said...

Er, would it be fair to call your LYS snooty?

Love the pix of your sister.

10:48 AM  

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