Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I've finished the Jaywalkers but I think I missed the deadline... Oh well they are awesome.

I made a knitted bead the other night but the detail doesn't really show up in the picture. I'm planning on making a bracelet. I can use up wee bits of stash yarn for this and make different colored jewelry. My first attempt is going to be natural shades.

I am also going to make the felted wine bags from Handknit Holidays to use for pen holders and toothbrush holders for Hill and me. This will use up some stash wool.

I have read in a variety of places today on the web how people are wondering why Cindy Sheehan was arrested. The woman is just trying to get attention. There are rules about wearing the kind of t-shirt she was wearing and she just decided to try and make news. Yes, I too feel sorrow for those fighting for our future safety in this country. I have friends and family members overseas. I do think though that she is an idiot and I cannot believe how the media is giving her the satisfaction of being in the news.

I was watching the local news last night and police have arrested a man in connection with the Jennifer Ross murder which they are charging with murder and aggravated assault. Her godmother was interviewed and said that Mrs Ross feels not only for her daughter but for the young man because he must have not had the love and support that her daughter had had. Why can't Cindy Sheehan be like this?? She can be supporting the USO or something productive other than trying to get her name in the news.


Blogger Michelle said...

Yes, Cindy Sheehan is trying to make news. This is because she is trying to draw attention to the fact that this president lied about the reasons for going to war and as a result, her son and others have died in vain. Supporting the USO, while noble, does nothing to educate the public about the deceit of this administration. Cindy Sheehan is trying to bring attention to this issue, not simply trying to get her name in the paper.

3:30 PM  
Blogger mf said...

Great Jaywalkers! the colors are wonderful!

8:23 PM  

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