Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What was he thinking??

Well last night was probably one of the most watched basketball rivalries. I was extremely excited to watch since the Tarheel team is doing great for being a freshman team. Last night I think it was the first time in basketball history that the first string was all white boys and the second string was all black boys. We went over to my grandparents house and made them dinner and then watched the game. I was in a panic throughout the entire second half. I can't wait til next season when the players have a little bit more experience and don't make missteps in the last minute of the game. I can't believe he missed that shot and no one tried to take a three. Well there is always next time at Cameron on the fourth. If they happen to win that one I will most likely have a heartattack from sheer happiness.

Last night at dinner my grandmother was talking to me about my knitting and if I had taken any classes. I told her yes and I'll be taking one in March. I was describing it to her and Dad was looking at me like I am crazy to spend all this time on knitting. What does he expect?? One day when I am married and pregnant what else will I be doing but knitting adorable things for my baby??

I have started my Sockapaloooza socks in the Sand Ridge. My sock pal mentioned that hot pink was not a desirable color and the other color has has hot pink that really stands out. I am a little frazzled how the colors have done. I have knitted up to the heel of one and will do up to the heel of the other tonight. If they are pretty much identical I will continue on with the heels. If not you might be able to hear me scream. I have already cast on and frogged these at least 5 times. I'll post pics tomorrow before work.


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