Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The internet is such a great tool but it sucks when its not working and how am I to upload pictures of fantastic knitting when its not working??

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Well its been a brutal last few weeks for me.... I'm overworked and super tired and I am getting a horrendous cold-type thing. Hopefully its not flu or anything worse since I am working 12 days out of the next 2 weeks...

I have gotten a fewe things knitted up--a couple of clutches in green, teal, white and yellow and am working on stringing beads to finish the black one for my grandma. I am also taking my entrelac class on Saturday and I'll post pics sometime after that.

On top of everything else I am planning a mini road trip to see a pal and hopefully I will not be staying in the same caliber hotel as last time.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Long time no updates....

Here is one of a Jaywalker pair with the yarn that I do not particularly like but I guess they are wearable.... I am planning on starting the other one tonight after I get home from babysitting.

In other knitting news I have joined the Starsky knitalong. If you haven't seen it go look It looks fantastic but I won't be able to buy the yarn it looks like for a week or so. I also have been knitting many clutches and Hill's is awesome but she has it right now. I'm currently making a black one for my grandmother (with beads!!!--I haven't made something with beads knitted in but I've read enough how-tos today) and a white one. I have to make a dash for the yarn store sometime this week to pay for my class and buy materials. I still haven't decided on a color.

Hill is getting her liscence today or at least attempting. Hopefully she's going to get it so I don't have to run errands with her. We scored a babysitting job right down the street and Hill says that the little boy is adorable. I went job-hunting yesterday and low and behold I have 2 jobs (eekk). Ones at a resturant like 10 minutes away that I start tomorrow night at 5. I'm not sure whether I'll be in the kitchen doing expo work or serving. The other job I will start on Friday I have to be there at 9 for an employee meeting and then work til about 2-3. I pray that I will be able to juggle these jobs like I did Scandals and the christmas store. But at least it means money in my pocket for clothes, knits, and beer... St Patricks Day is rapidly approaching and I will need money for drinks and possibly a cab if Hill doesn't get her liscence. I also need to buy a parking pass for Tybee which is $$75 and paying with quarters just gets too damn expensive--its 15 minutes a quarter. And staying at the beach for an average of 5 hours I will be going probably 3 times a week til September and not including holidays so I'll only save 45-60 dollars but thats a whole lotta yarn...

And I just want to say that Duke has been overrated all season long. A freshman team beat them on Senior night in Cameron. That's why I love my Tarheels!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here is what I have been working on the past couple of days. It has been frightening and stressful to say the least--not the knitting of course. I stayed in a roach motel the night before last. We didn't have any extra money to eat so we ate chocolate covered graham crackers and popcorn. I didn't know that it was mandatory to stay down there so I didn't bring anything--no toothbrush, food, contact liquid. We called Lauras's cousin for him to spot us some cash but he didn't call. I can't wait to see his ass on St Pattys so I can tell him that I almost starved to death. Well we got home aobut 6 last night from Jacksonville and the first thing I did was take a shower and bruch my teeth like 5 times. Tonight I have to wash the clothes. I will never stay at a shithole like that again--there was a strip club in the same block as the hotel named Putty Katz.

Well here are pics of the knitting and what my sis does when she has the camera to herself

I don't know how she's related to me sometimes.....

This is the pink clutch from Handknit Holidays. I think its called an accessories pouch. I love it and this is my newest stash busting project.

This is the inside of the clutch. I am in no way a master seamstress so I am just glad to see it in there.

Here are some of the clutches in progress. I have finished the other half to the purply one and will sew it together today. I will probably finish the blue one also today. These things knit up so fast!!