Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here is what I have been working on the past couple of days. It has been frightening and stressful to say the least--not the knitting of course. I stayed in a roach motel the night before last. We didn't have any extra money to eat so we ate chocolate covered graham crackers and popcorn. I didn't know that it was mandatory to stay down there so I didn't bring anything--no toothbrush, food, contact liquid. We called Lauras's cousin for him to spot us some cash but he didn't call. I can't wait to see his ass on St Pattys so I can tell him that I almost starved to death. Well we got home aobut 6 last night from Jacksonville and the first thing I did was take a shower and bruch my teeth like 5 times. Tonight I have to wash the clothes. I will never stay at a shithole like that again--there was a strip club in the same block as the hotel named Putty Katz.

Well here are pics of the knitting and what my sis does when she has the camera to herself

I don't know how she's related to me sometimes.....

This is the pink clutch from Handknit Holidays. I think its called an accessories pouch. I love it and this is my newest stash busting project.

This is the inside of the clutch. I am in no way a master seamstress so I am just glad to see it in there.

Here are some of the clutches in progress. I have finished the other half to the purply one and will sew it together today. I will probably finish the blue one also today. These things knit up so fast!!


Anonymous may said...

hehe your sis is like mine!

eee roach motels with no food...i'm a poor college kid, so I feel your pain! (in fact i'm munching on cinnamon gum right now to curb my hunger....and i ate graham crackers for breakfast! heheh)

12:56 PM  

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