Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Long time no updates....

Here is one of a Jaywalker pair with the yarn that I do not particularly like but I guess they are wearable.... I am planning on starting the other one tonight after I get home from babysitting.

In other knitting news I have joined the Starsky knitalong. If you haven't seen it go look http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTstarsky.html It looks fantastic but I won't be able to buy the yarn it looks like for a week or so. I also have been knitting many clutches and Hill's is awesome but she has it right now. I'm currently making a black one for my grandmother (with beads!!!--I haven't made something with beads knitted in but I've read enough how-tos today) and a white one. I have to make a dash for the yarn store sometime this week to pay for my class and buy materials. I still haven't decided on a color.

Hill is getting her liscence today or at least attempting. Hopefully she's going to get it so I don't have to run errands with her. We scored a babysitting job right down the street and Hill says that the little boy is adorable. I went job-hunting yesterday and low and behold I have 2 jobs (eekk). Ones at a resturant like 10 minutes away that I start tomorrow night at 5. I'm not sure whether I'll be in the kitchen doing expo work or serving. The other job I will start on Friday I have to be there at 9 for an employee meeting and then work til about 2-3. I pray that I will be able to juggle these jobs like I did Scandals and the christmas store. But at least it means money in my pocket for clothes, knits, and beer... St Patricks Day is rapidly approaching and I will need money for drinks and possibly a cab if Hill doesn't get her liscence. I also need to buy a parking pass for Tybee which is $$75 and paying with quarters just gets too damn expensive--its 15 minutes a quarter. And staying at the beach for an average of 5 hours I will be going probably 3 times a week til September and not including holidays so I'll only save 45-60 dollars but thats a whole lotta yarn...

And I just want to say that Duke has been overrated all season long. A freshman team beat them on Senior night in Cameron. That's why I love my Tarheels!!


Anonymous James said...

I'm lovin your socks, fun. Thought you might get a kick out of these karate socks on cherice's site http://www.cherice.blogspot.com/ I gotta try and make a pair of those. Those clutches you made are really fun. Have fun with the starsky : )

11:24 AM  

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