Monday, April 24, 2006

Finally some pictures!!

Well this is a picture of my new fabulous haircut. This is the day that I had it cut and it will never look like this when I style it. Its sad, but its true. If I could style it perfectly I would only ask for wet cuts. I did cut off almost 5 inches and I feel so much cooler. I will have to straighten my hair everyday or hot roller it since my natural hair is curly.

This is another Jaywalker for Hill. She really likes striped socks so I make Jaywalkers for her since the chevron highlights the stripes very nicely. This is a winter color and I had been eyeing it for Hill and I actually got the last two skeins.

This is a painted bunting. Although its not knitting and I detest birds, its a pretty cool looking bird. I promise this is real and it was taken on my back porch. I love the colors.

Heres the unblocked prairie tank back from IK Spring 2006. I am going to try and block it today sometime. I hope. I can't wait to wear this and hope that it looks good and fits me since its size 3 needles.

This is the front of the tank in progress. I have almost finished the repeats and will most likely start the decreasing for the triangles tonight or tomorrow for sure. I hope I can have this ready to wear by Saturday.

These are the next wave of socks for my sister and me. The yellow and black stripes are for her of course another Jaywalker. The red and celery socks will be rib and cable socks for myself. I decided that I haven't made enough for me.

I haven't figured out another big project yet but I am leaning towards a blanket!! or the last sweater in the new Spring VK. Or possibly some pillows since I already have the inserts just laying in my room dying to be covered. I really want to make the sandals in the latest Interweave Crochet. I wonder if they are comfortable. I didn't post pictures of the watercolor Jaywalkers because I can't find them and plus I hate them.

I went to my brother's game yesterday and sold a clutch. Well I have to make it and the woman wants straps so I think I'll braid I-cords for a little strap so it will look elegant and not compete with the pattern. I left the game early because I really cannot stand to be around my mother. I should have moved to the next field to watch that game since I knew alot of the people on the team. I guess I would have had a better time.


Blogger Emma said...

The socks look great. I hope the recipient loved them!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Krista said...

Hey :)

Not sure how you found us, but we wanted to say thanks for the link (and go Heels!). Please leave comments for us at any time :).


10:25 PM  

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