Thursday, April 20, 2006

Update with no pics:(

I am really excited for the next couple of weeks to hurry up and get here. Bob Dylan is comign to Savannah and I am super excited and already have tickets. When I went to buy them the lady asked me where I wanted to sit I didn't want to tell her it really doesn't matter because I will probably never sit down or find my seats. I'll either be talking to random people we see there or in the beer line. Then the next week I have jury duty. I have a good chance of not being picked since I have such conserative views. So hopefully I'll have some time off to hit the beach.

Well I have accomplished great things since I last posted about knitting. Today I have no pictures but hopefully I can find the camera and post them tonight or tomorrow.

I finished my grandmother's entrelac shawl. She loves it so much I fear she might frame it. I took it from her house to show the ladies on Monday night and she goes, "You're going to bring it back right??" She has shown everyone and told everyone that she hasn't seen since I gave it to her. It does make me proud. As soon as I get a picture of the shawl in action I'll post one.

I FINALLY finished the Jaywalkers in Lorna Laces Watercolor. I must say I am not impressed, in fact, horrified by the way the colors came out. Maybe I'll send them to my mother for Mother's Day since I won't see her that day or anytime soon and since she's got the same foot size as me. Last time I saw her she asked why I didn't knit her more things. Well now I'm sending her ugly socks. She should be happy since I'm not talking to her and still managed to send her handknitted socks.

Well in nicer news, I have finished the back of my lace tank and am close to half way done on the front. I love how it looks unblocked and unattached. This is sort of bad since its knit on size 3 needles. Still its a great pattern and very easy to remember. I hope to have it ready to wear next weekend.

I am also knitting a new pair of Jaywalkers for my sister. They are maroon and navy. I am just beginning the heel on sock #1. I also bought some yellow and black striping yarn that she had said that she liked. We call the colorway "Wake Forest."

I also bought some red and celery yarn to make the cable and rib socks from IK Fall 2005 or 2005 I really can't remember. I have to make them bigger so I will be casting on 80 stitches so hopefully these will fit. I tried 70 but they felt a little tight.

I'm still making clutches. I spend almost 30 dollars on zippers to finish all the ones I have made and the ones I still have to knit. They are quick knits and I get all kinds of complements on mine. I do want to make a entrelac scarf for myself probably using worsted instead of bulky yarn and do a couple of colors. I guess even one color would still be pretty.


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