Monday, May 01, 2006

Mail-offs and Mayhem

I am so happy that its finally time to mail the Sockapaloooza socks... I am very anxious not only to recieve mine but that my sock pal likes hers. Well I hope that she LOVES them. In the little package I mailed a postcard, a felted brooch I had made, and a bracelet that I had bought for a gift but I haven't had anyone to give it to so I hope she likes it. I'll post a pic as soon as blogger decides to work...

Today, illegal immigrants across the country and fellow Hispanic supporters are striking. However, local Mexican food joints are still open. I think that this is highly humorous. I understand that they come over here for better jobs because our economy is a million times better than theirs. Today they are striking to demonstrate how 'priceless' they are to America and the economy. Well if our economy was like theirs, they wouldn't be running over our border for jobs now, would they? I do think that Americans need to adopt the work ethic of Mexicans. Americans are lazy and dumb.

If the government decides to deport the illegals, they should also do away with welfare. I see so many people in line paying with food stamps that are dressed to the nines in designer clothes, have weave, and their nails done. These people are not destitute or impaired and are fully capable to work somewhere. Welfare has been one of the worst things that have been started by the Democratic party. It is widely abused and it seems that no one really moderates where this welfare money is going.


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