Monday, May 15, 2006

Wow I should really update more often..

I can't believe how long its been since I've posted. I attempted to update last week but blogger was AGAIN having problems. I couldn't even get a post without pictures on here. Oh well.

I have been anxiously awaiting my socks from my sockapaloooza pal. She sent me an email a week or two ago assuring me that my own hand knitted socks would be coming soon. I am terribly anxious. My sock pal loved her socks (such a relief). I was paranoid that she for some reason would not like them especially since they were a fraternal pair.

I have finished one of my rib and cable socks and already wish that I had made the leg of the sock at least an inch or so longer. I did a different heel and toe on it since I added twenty stitches overall. I love it even though I won't be able to wear it til most likely October because its going to be so hot until then down here.

In other sock news, I have gotten to the toe of Hill's maroon and navy Jaywalkers. I took some time away from those socks so I could finish one rib and cable. I'll snag a picture when she gets home from school today. I think I am going to make Pomatomas with the celery sock yarn I had planned for rib and cable socks. I have seen alot of people's on various blogs and I think that its fantastic. It looks great in solid and variegated colors.

I just ventured to the yarn store on Saturday after taking my grandma to tea at Gryphon Tea Room and strolling along the stores on Whitaker. I am really excited because Mickey told me that I can get my tank surged so I can actually wear it somewhere. I also have fallen in love with Cascade Yarns in Sierra. I have attempted a knit with cotton before and I kinda hated it. This yarn I adore even though it is hand wash. I guess hand washing isn't that bad after all--I just have a stigma from when I was little and my mother telling me that I didn't ever want a closet full of hand wash and dry clean only's. Well her nightmare has come true. My closet has over half of those items, but oddly all for winter.

Anyways, the yarn is for a mindless yet captivating tunic sweater from the Spring VK. I adore Michael Kors and hope that one day I can afford a couple of his pieces in my collection. This sweater's alter ego is selling for God knows how much in finer retail establishments. Alas, for a mere 50 dollars, I too can wear a look alike that I made, not a knockoff that has tell tale signs that its a forgery. Plus, I can knit this anywhere since its mindless stockinette and gives me a break from sock knitting all the time.

I have jury duty this week and I can't bring in knitting which I think is outlandish so I will bring my Ann Coulter book that I still haven't finished and a collection of fashion and knitting magazines. I will have to go in town to Barnes and Noble at some point since on the island no one really sells a good selection. I am dying to get my hands on the newest magazine from the Martha Stewart empire. It looks fantastic. Who knows what else I'll find out there. I also am going to run by the yarn store because I want to look at the flower book by Nicky Epstein and the handbag book from her also and the Mason-Dixon book which I will most likely buy since I have seen numerous things I like in it with the preview. I might buy them though on Amazon to save some cash. I have to buy Lawrence a birthday present and a graduation present, and Dad's Father's Day present.

My latest venture has been to clean my room and this week polish the brass knockers that used to be on the door until my dad decided he'd rather have them off since they are dirty. So I'm polishing them and my grandpa is going to come over at some point when I'm done to put them on so I can show Dad that I actually do more than knit and shop in my spare time.

**I can't seem to get one pic deleted and I am not about to start over with the post so, one reading this blog and post will get to see not once but twice the picture of a rib and cable sock.**


Anonymous erin said...

That's a pretty rib and cable sock. No knitting during jury duty? I hope they let you look at your magazines.

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