Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hmm where to start...

Well today I received 2 free tires since while my car was getting fixed and test driven, the guy almost wrecked my car but swerved and popped 2 tires. And the guy that told me this was pretty cute as well.

Yesterday I went clothing shopping downtown at Gap and Banana Republic. After I tried on what seemed like a million jeans and sweaters I walked away with 2 linen cardigans, 2 tees, 3 pairs of jeans, and 4 panties. I am a little upset since every clothing manufacturer in America is catering to the obesity rise by making their sizing bigger. I realize that the average woman in America is a size 14 and 5'4'' but I'm not. I'm almost 5'10'' and 125 pounds. Normally I would be a size 4 but now I'm a size 0-2 and wearing size XS and S. I guess I have to graduate college soon since I'll have to be buying designer clothing and knitting everything else possible.

Oh, I almost forgot about my vacation. Well I spent $350 dollars and bought the following: green wrap dress from BR to wear on my birthday, navy and cream floral wrap dress, strapless blue and purple paisley print dress, pale yellow strapless/halter dress, 2 pairs of beaded slides in green and gold, Nine West tan purse, a pink and white bathing suit, 2 skeins sock yarn, Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers, extender kit for my Denise set, Magic Loop pamphlet, Addi Turbo needle in size 1 to attempt Magic Loop process, oh and 2 clay flowers for a necklace and a china pendant.

I did however start a sock for the Summer of Socks. I waited patiently for the 21st to come and I am almost finished 1 of them. Its a sock for Hill and its a Jaywalker in yellow and black. Hill informed me this trip that she doesn't want anymore socks. It threw me off guard I guess and maybe she doesn't like any of the ones I have made. Well that means more for me.

I also made a crocheted purse from SNB The Happy Hooker. Its a light green with medium brown bamboo handles and pretty soon a flower embellishment. I am alomst finshed sewing the Michael Kors sweater...I have 1 more arm to go plus the crocheted trim. I also have to finish my rib and cable socks. I'm to the heel of the second one. I'll post pics on Sun or Mon when Hill comes back from camp since she has the digi...

Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm still here. I just feel a little tired and haven't been knitting as much as usual. I guess my knitting intensity will pick up when 'Summer of Socks' starts in a couple of weeks. Lucky me, I will be in Atlanta seeing the new aqaurium and yarn shopping in Asheville. Lots of road time to knit. Hopefully I will be able to knit a pair a week. Well we'll see. I met this one guy when I was knitting at work once and he told me that his sister-in-law can knit a sock in a day! I do wonder however if she was a fast knitter or sat on her ass all day and knitted. But still, its a phenomenal accomplishment. I can only hope that in 5 years I am a faster knitter.

I'm still working on the tunic by Michael Kors and I have the front and back done and 15 inches done on the arms. I am doing them at the same time and it seems to take forever! But I guess in the long run it does save time. I'm also attempting to stash bush a little at a time and have been making flowers out of them. I'm planning on buying some things off of amazon this weekend---knitting books especially sock books and a Tom Petty set and a 24 DVD set for my dad for Father's day. I have to use his credit card so I hope he doesn't notice!! I figure he won't really look at it if I buy many things off of amazon at one time.