Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fashionably Late

Yes, by this picture I hope you can tell that I have acquired the Mason-Dixon book. And anyone who is getting a Christmas present from me, it will most likely be washcloths. I'm going to make I-cord from all that leftover sock yarn to wrap this babies up. The white one is a simple basketweave for my dad. He asked me the other day if I could make him a BATH TOWEL. Of course, I could make it, but if I did make it, no one would be using it as a bath towel.

This is the cabled trapper hat from VK Holiday 2005 I believe. I love it and its such a cute hat and takes less than 2 hours to make!

Another Mason-Dixon creation. I will be making one in cream when I finish this one. Hopefully the cotton is a little bit better on the Denise. The linen blend I'm using right now is pretty much a pain on these needles.
Alas, only 1 Hedera is finished. I WILL finish the other one before the weekend is over. Other than that, I am trying to finish some WIPs before the scarf exchange and so I can devote more time to knitting a sweater. Well, first I guess I should decide on a pattern. I am loving the cabled numbers in the latest VK.

I think I just got offered a job in politics, which I am super pysched about if the girl was being serious, which she better be. Hopefully I'll know more before the weekend is up. Plus it pays awesomely:) I would just have to transfer to another store that stays open more hours or just work PRN.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lack of Motivation

Well I have worked on a couple of things lately---no pics today maybe at the first of the week. I am STILL working on my Hederas...its been a long project for me and I detest lace socks and will not knit them unless I am paid to. Its really that bad; I am almost finished decreasing for the foot so I am hoping to have them done by Monday. I also have been working on a scarf that has been in progress for a while. I just finished the first ball of yarn and have yet to start the second. I also did some stashbusting last weekend and made some flowers to use as brooches. My recent 'love-it' project is the trapper hat from Vogue Knitting winter 05/06. I don't think that I'll get much use out of it here in Savannah, but I am going to the Windy City in February to visit a pal. At least I can use it then and it will sit in my closet til I move to NC in a couple of years. And I will have my Michael Kors sweater DONE by the weekend. I am so sick of just seeing it lay there in a unloved heap.

For some motivation, I will be going to Red Needle tomorrow. I have not been since before I left for Asheville. I need a new winter project like a cabled sweater!! so I can wear it when it starts to get cold down here. I have at least another month of pure humidity so I'm not too worried about that.

I am in the process of joining the International Scarf Exchange. I love scarves and I really like how people interpret the perameters of your preferences. My sockapaloooza pal did a AMAZING job with the socks she sent me and I am dying to wear them.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is from our trip to the Atlanta aquarium. I really enjoyed it but I thought that it would be bigger since its supposed to be the world's largest or something like that. I am really glad that we got there when it opened--there are too many kids groups there after 9:30.

This is my next venture of socks. I bought it in Asheville at Purls and it will most likely become Pomatomus from Knitty.
d Dad. Too bad you really can't see what we had to climb through to get there...a 2 foot opening on the ground...its really a photo-op for kids not tall people like us
Yet another photo-op
And this is the current sock project. Hedera from Knitty. I added I think 20 stitches to the overall cast-on after I got to the heel and realized that they wouldn't fit comfortably. So I am in the middle of the gusset and hope that I calculated right....If not they will still look good while on the foot.

I still feel like I'm in a knitting slump...especially after I checked the Summer of Socks blog and saw that an awesome knitter has already knit 10+ pairs...she is really awesome and fast. And way ahead of everyone else...

I still have a couple of projects in limbo. The Michael Kors sweater from Vogue that still needs the arm sewn and the crochet trim. The 1 rib and cable sock that is only to the heel. And various colors of accessory purses from Hand Knit Holidays in various stages of completion...I guess its just finishing that gets to me.

Well I probably won't post til next week. I'm going to Valdosta for the weekend.