Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fashionably Late

Yes, by this picture I hope you can tell that I have acquired the Mason-Dixon book. And anyone who is getting a Christmas present from me, it will most likely be washcloths. I'm going to make I-cord from all that leftover sock yarn to wrap this babies up. The white one is a simple basketweave for my dad. He asked me the other day if I could make him a BATH TOWEL. Of course, I could make it, but if I did make it, no one would be using it as a bath towel.

This is the cabled trapper hat from VK Holiday 2005 I believe. I love it and its such a cute hat and takes less than 2 hours to make!

Another Mason-Dixon creation. I will be making one in cream when I finish this one. Hopefully the cotton is a little bit better on the Denise. The linen blend I'm using right now is pretty much a pain on these needles.
Alas, only 1 Hedera is finished. I WILL finish the other one before the weekend is over. Other than that, I am trying to finish some WIPs before the scarf exchange and so I can devote more time to knitting a sweater. Well, first I guess I should decide on a pattern. I am loving the cabled numbers in the latest VK.

I think I just got offered a job in politics, which I am super pysched about if the girl was being serious, which she better be. Hopefully I'll know more before the weekend is up. Plus it pays awesomely:) I would just have to transfer to another store that stays open more hours or just work PRN.


Anonymous may said...

ooh, i might knit washcloths for christmas presents too!

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