Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is from our trip to the Atlanta aquarium. I really enjoyed it but I thought that it would be bigger since its supposed to be the world's largest or something like that. I am really glad that we got there when it opened--there are too many kids groups there after 9:30.

This is my next venture of socks. I bought it in Asheville at Purls and it will most likely become Pomatomus from Knitty.
d Dad. Too bad you really can't see what we had to climb through to get there...a 2 foot opening on the ground...its really a photo-op for kids not tall people like us
Yet another photo-op
And this is the current sock project. Hedera from Knitty. I added I think 20 stitches to the overall cast-on after I got to the heel and realized that they wouldn't fit comfortably. So I am in the middle of the gusset and hope that I calculated right....If not they will still look good while on the foot.

I still feel like I'm in a knitting slump...especially after I checked the Summer of Socks blog and saw that an awesome knitter has already knit 10+ pairs...she is really awesome and fast. And way ahead of everyone else...

I still have a couple of projects in limbo. The Michael Kors sweater from Vogue that still needs the arm sewn and the crochet trim. The 1 rib and cable sock that is only to the heel. And various colors of accessory purses from Hand Knit Holidays in various stages of completion...I guess its just finishing that gets to me.

Well I probably won't post til next week. I'm going to Valdosta for the weekend.


Anonymous may said...

hehe, what a funny little photo taking "device"!

hope you had a great weekend away!

4:33 AM  

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