Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm not that talented, I just practice frequently...

Here is my latest scarf very preppy colors. My dad has asked me every night I have worked on this.."Are you sure its going to be a scarf. With those colors?" Well its not for him and I am trying really hard to finish this and the socks before we go to Chapel Hill on Wednesday. Another progress shot....

And heres the latest socks--one is slightly pooling and I have finished the heel flaps. Again, trying to finish before Nov 1st. Cross your fingers...hahaha

And my scarf pal got her scarf and said that she loves it!! Thank God. These things always make me nervous. My scarf should be on its way soon--I'm excited, I love getting things in the mail, well, besides bills.

I'm going to Chapel Hill on Wednesday to see a game which I still don't have tickets for yet. So I am calling tomorrow morning on my way to work to see why they haven't come in yet. I talked to some girl at the office on Friday afternoon who told me to "like wait to see if they come on Saturday, then if not call back." Well she obviously didn't understand that the game is on this Wednesday. Other than that I can't wait to go up there. I love it up there!

I'll post again probably on Friday with pics with me wearing a finished scarf and socks!!


Blogger Jill said...

LOVE that scarf, where did you get the pattern? Or, did you make it up on your own?

I have no idea how to do entrelac. How did you learn?

10:15 AM  

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